“These pulses are of exceptional quality and versatility”. Head Chef Jonny Evans from Berwick Lodge Hotel, Bristol.


The Anna pulses are produced in the Italian province of Salerno by the Attianese family. Love for the soil and mother nature attracted the family to a life of cultivation and caring for the land as far back as 1925. 


Love and experience handed down form father to son, has allowed the Attianese family to maintain and produce high quality products that use only the freshest ingredients. The Anna organic pulses are available in tins of 400g. The chickpeas are also available in tins of 2.55Kg.


Quality has always been the family’s primary objective, from the initial selection of the very best ingredients, to the production process that uses up-to-date equipment, and finally to the scrupulous application of European Union hygiene and safety standards.


The family is involved in the production of many different organic pulses like chickpeas, red kidney beans, butter beans, black eye beans, green lentils, borlotti beans, cannellini beans, green peas and black beans.